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Village Rules

These rules are intended to assist in creating and preserving a peaceful and enjoyable living environment for all residents and their guests.

1. Noise
(1) You must not make any noise or allow any conduct which will create a nuisance or annoyance to other residents or is likely to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others within the village. This rule applies whether you are inside your premises or on common areas.

(2) When listening to music or a radio, or playing computer games, or watching television, you should not have the volume turned high enough to be heard from outside your premises. Residents with hearing problems are asked to use headphones or other aids.

2. Visitors
We encourage residents to keep links with relatives, friends and other people from outside the village. Visitors or short-stay guests are welcome and may reside in the Unit subject to the following conditions:

(a) Written consent from the Operator is required for visits up to a maximum period of fourteen (14) days in any six month period PROVIDED THAT the Resident shall be responsible to ensure that such visitor or guest observes the terms of the Village Contracts and the Village Rules and a breach of same by the visitor or guest shall be a breach by the Resident;

(b) For any period in excess of fourteen (14) days in any six month period with the written consent of the Operator PROVIDED THAT the visitor or guest and the Resident execute such documents as the Operator may reasonably request relating to the conditions upon which the visitor or guest may reside in the Unit.

3. Behaviour of Visitors
You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your visitors (including trades people and other invitees) comply with the village rules. Any visitor who breaches the village rules may be asked to leave the village or prohibited from returning.

4. Parking
(1) As parking spaces are limited within the village, you may park a vehicle only in your own garage or other parking area allocated specifically to you as noted on your contract. You must not park or stand a vehicle on any other part of the village.

(2) Parking at the kerb in streets within the village is PROHIBITED however this rule does not prevent a resident from stopping to allow passengers to get out of or enter a vehicle.

(3) Under no circumstances may a vehicle be parked or driven on grassed areas.

(4) In the interests of safety, drivers within the village must obey speed limits and other traffic signs and laws at all times. Residents are asked to take care when exiting the village and to be alert to pedestrian traffic at all times.

(5) “Visitor Parking” spaces are only available for use by visitors, trades people, visiting doctors, emergency vehicles or other people visiting the village. They are not to be used by residents or guests staying overnight or longer.

(6) Residents are asked to request visitors to their premises to park their vehicles in the Visitor Parking area provided.

(7) Disabled parking spaces are to be only used by vehicles displaying a current valid RTA-issued Disabled Parking Permit;

(8) Residents are to use the designated parking space specifically allocated for the use by residents for washing their cars. Residents are asked to be “water-wise” when using this valuable and scarce resource and to use “environmentally friendly” detergents and other cleaning agents.

(9) In this rule, vehicle means a motor car, station wagon, and utility (and all similar vehicles), motor bike, caravan, boat, jet ski, and trailer but only where the motor vehicle is of a size that it may reasonably access, and be placed in, the car space. The Operator reserves the right, upon reasonable grounds, to refuse to allow a motor vehicle to be parked in the car space or the Visitor Parking spaces

5. Speed Limit
The speed limit in the village is restricted to 10 kph to ensure the safety of residents walking around the village and must be observed at all times.

6. Garbage Bins
a) A 1.5 cubic metre bin is for general waste. All rubbish is to be bagged or wrapped. Bins are cleared weekly by the designated contractor.

b) Recyclable waste bins are provided for newspapers, PET bottles, cardboard empty cans and bottles.

7. Pets
The Resident may keep small companion animals or pets within the Unit, subject to:

a) the Resident obtaining the prior written consent of the Operator, (which can be withheld or withdrawn in the absolute discretion of the Operator); and

b) the Resident being responsible to ensure the pet remains within the Unit and shall only be removed from the Unit if suitably restrained and provided the Resident cleans up any waste left by the pet outside the Unit; and

c) the Resident being responsible to ensure the pet does not cause any nuisance to other persons in the Village at any time; and

d) the Resident being responsible for any damage or injury suffered to the Unit, or to any other part of the Village or to any person in the Village as a result of the Resident keeping the pet; and

e) upon termination of the Lease the Resident must make good any damage caused by the pet to the Unit or the Village and the Resident must pay the full cost of any cleaning of the Unit or the Common Area the Operator reasonably considers necessary as a result of the keeping of the pet; and

f) the Resident shall not replace the pet without obtaining the Operator’s prior written consent (which may be withheld by the Operator at its sole and absolute discretion).

8. Gardening and Landscaping
(1) The state of the grounds is important to the overall appearance of the village for residents and visitors. It is the Operator’s responsibility to maintain all the lawns and gardens on common areas in a presentable and well maintained condition.

(2) However, if residents want to assist, such as by watering or weeding the common area near your premises, you are welcome to do so. You must not prune or remove plants, take cuttings or pick flowers from the common area gardens without the Operator’s consent.

(3) You must not use any part of common areas as your own garden without the Operator’s consent. If consent is given it is your responsibility to keep the area in a presentable condition, until you tell us you are no longer able or willing to garden.

(4) If your premises has its own garden it is your responsibility to keep it in a presentable condition. Care should be taken when buying new plants for your garden. You must not knowingly plant any trees, flowers, shrubs or vines that grow rapidly or commonly cause allergic reactions. Trees, shrubs or vines with the potential to grow in excess of 2 metres (that is, approximately 6ft 6in) in height must not be planted without the Operator’s consent.

9. Common Area Restrictions
(1) The common areas are provided for the use and enjoyment of all residents. Signs posted on common areas, about such matters as hours of use, form part of these rules and must be obeyed.

(2) You must not obstruct or permit the obstruction of walkways, entrances, stairways, corridors, fire escapes, lights, windows or other parts of the common areas. (For example, pot plants, hoses, brooms, rakes and other items may present a hazard if left on common areas.)

(3) When on common areas you, and your visitors and guests, must be adequately clothed and must not use language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to another person.

(4) Smoking is not permitted in any building (other than your premises) or other enclosed parts of common areas.

(5) It is our job to maintain and clean the common areas. However, this does not prevent you from sweeping or vacuuming the pathway or corridor immediately outside your premises.

10. External Appearance of Residential Premises
(1) We respect your right to privacy and autonomy over your possessions and domestic affairs.

(2) However, you must not hang any washing, towels, bedding, clothing or other article on any balcony or other part of your premises in such a way as to be visible from the outside. Such items may be hung on any lines provided in the common areas but only for a reasonable period.

(3) You are not to attach any signs or other items to any part of the outside of your premises.

(4) In the interests of safety you must not place any object, such as a pot plant, on any ledge, sill or elevated surface on the exterior of your residential premises in a position from which it might fall.

11. Village Security
(1) It is the Operator’s responsibility to ensure that the village generally is reasonably secure.

(2) In particular, the Operator is required to provide and maintain locks or other security devices to ensure your premises are reasonably secure

(3) Chains and bolts are not be fitted to external doors of your premises because they could obstruct the provision of emergency assistance.

(4) You must not interfere with the self-closing mechanisms of exterior doors that are designed to maintain security.

(5) To help prevent theft you must ensure that all windows, doors or other openings to your premises are closed and securely fastened when your premises are not occupied.

12. Collections
You must not collect money from other residents or staff for appeals, organizations or presentations without the consent of the residents’ committee.

13. Notes
These rules form part of your contract with us. It is our responsibility to enforce these rules equitably and impartially. If you do not comply with the rules we may apply to the Residential Tribunal for an order that you comply with the rules or for your right to occupancy to be ended.

14. Amendment of Village Rules
These rules may be varied, added to or deleted in accordance with the provisions of Section 51 of the Retirement Villages Act.
(Revised 13 November 2008)


1. RESIDENT’S MEETINGS are held on the same Thursday each month as the maintenance fees are paid. The meetings are held in the hall, commencing at 7.00p.m. New residents are asked to become members of the Residents’ Group, the cost being $5 and is a once only payment. Residents are also invited to join the Retirement Village Residents’ Association, which costs $7.50 per annum per person. It is in your interest as a village resident to join.

2. PHONE NUMBERS An internal list of resident’s phone numbers is provided to all new residents.

3. A NEWSLETTER is printed monthly to keep residents up to date with village affairs. You are invited to submit items of interest for publication.

4. NOTICE BOARDS are located in the hall, the serviced apartments foyer and at the junction of First and Third Avenues for notification of village activities.

5. THE VILLAGE BUS goes to Stockland Mall three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except when a public holiday falls on one of these days. The bus leaves the hostel at 9.30am and picks up outside your unit. The return trip departs from the Mall at 11.30am. If numbers warrant it, a second trip will be made.

6. FOR ELECTRICITY OR HOT WATER SERVICE problems ring the manager. If the fault occurs after hours, contact the Secretary, who will notify the manager and/or ring the electrician or plumber.

7. REPAIRS AND ODD JOBS IN YOUR UNIT If you require any work of this nature to be done, make your request, in writing, to the village manager. Ground staff are not to be asked to do these jobs. All requests are to go through the manager.

8. LAWNS are mowed as needed.

9. WINDOWS  the outside of windows are cleaned by the ground staff approximately every 2–3 months. Guttering is cleared of leaves periodically.

10. VISITING Living in close proximity, it is recognized that residents are entitled to their privacy, so it is suggested that you do not go into other resident’s home unless invited. This makes for more harmonious living.