Are you thinking of moving into an over 55s village?

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Here are some important tips to get you started.

Over 55s communities are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking to downsize to a more secure, happier and healthier lifestyle where they can socialise, take advantage of a village’s facilities and have the freedom to travel.

There are a number of benefits of moving into an over 55s community – from reducing the maintenance and financial burden of the family home, to being around like minded people who are also at the same stage of their lives. By planning ahead you’ll be able to enjoy your independence and really find a village that compliments your lifestyle.

Before selecting a village we recommend doing some ground work:

  1. Talk to family and friends

It’s important to talk to the people you love about this decision in your life. If you’d like to stay close to them this will likely impact the location of the village that you choose.

  1. Know your options

There are a number of different retirement options that each have different lifestyle, legal and financial implications. Make sure you do some research so you know what each of these are and how they can impact you.

  1. Get financial advice

Most retirees will sell their family home to purchase a villa within an over 55s community, so it’s important to seek some solid financial advice. Although the driving force behind wanting to move is primarily lifestyle focused, there can be the worry of possibly ending up worse off. Talk to a professional to ensure you have the best advice regarding your financial position.

  1. Know the property market

If you need to sell your current home before you move, you’ll need to know where the property market is currently sitting to ensure you’re getting the best price. Talk to your local real estate agent as soon as possible so you understand the current demand for property in your area.

  1. Think about your future plans

It’s important to not only think about your current needs but also your needs for the future. Things like close proximity to services such as health care and hospitals is really important. Cumberland Grove is only a short drive to John Hunter Hospital, while Cumberland Glen is located across the road from Hunter Valley Private Hospital.

Based on the above you’ll now have much more of an understanding of what you’re looking for in a village. Now is the time to go and visit as many over 55s lifestyle villages as possible with a list of questions to ask. This will help you discover the best place for you.

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